GPRx Concrete Scanning Services

Unleash the power of GPRx

Westcoast Scanning is your trusted partner in concrete scanning excellence. We are proud to offer our cutting-edge services designed to revolutionize the way you inspect concrete structures. Our expertise in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Cross-Polarized Scanning method (GPRx) allow us to provide first rate solutions for your needs.

Concrete Scanning
Concrete Scanning

Geophysical Survey Systems: A normal polarization profile (left) and a cross-polarization profile (right) collected across the same transect.

GPRx Concrete Scanning

Unleash the Power of GPRx

Our exclusive GPRx methodology sets us apart from the rest. Cross-polarized collections take concrete scanning to the next level. Unlike conventional GPR radargrams that use single-polarization, co-polarized acquisition (GPRx) exploits the depolarization of the GPR signal which occurs when it encounters an oblique feature in the concrete. This results in scattered energy along the cross-polarized components, which can then be used to enhance the imaging and interpretation of the subsurface conditions.

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Key Features of GPRx

Don’t compromise when it comes to concrete scanning. Choose the experts who deliver the best results. Contact Westcoast Scanning today for a consultation and discover the future of concrete inspection.



Accurate detection of non-metallic embeds below and other closely spaced metallic targets.


Suitable for complex slabs with multiple layers of reinforcement and other densely spaced embeds.

Enhanced Detail

Superior data clarity.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Detection of smaller features for the most demanding projects.

Increased Safety

Minimize risks by uncovering hidden elements which standard GPR methods miss.


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